Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 4 - Lewiston, ID to Winthrop, WA

Fatigue and another 300 miles have taken a toll. We are exhausted. do you feel sorry for us? Apparently we are in the second hottest place in the country. We left Lewiston and headed for the Grand Coulee dam and then the mountains as in the eastern Cascades. By 11 Am it was insufferably hot in the low elevations around Lewiston despite the spectacular view of the town as we left.

Shortly thereafter we were riding through eastern Washington and were in the midst of massive wheat fields that stretched to the horizon. See the photos of wheat up close. It made us proud to be Americans in the breadbasket of the world.

After that we were back in the flatlands on the way to the dam. The roads were under construction and we were forced to take several detours. See the alarming signs. We saw a baby tornado in a harvested wheat field. It was quite the sight. huge
The Grand Coulee dam was huge but boring to be honest. We had lunch and moved on.

The highlight of the afternoon was a stop in a roadside gas station for water. It was on an Indian reservation. Out of nowhere a bus load of Buddhist monks in saffron robes appeared in the store. They bought a case of coke, used the facilities and left. We felt strangely disoriented.

By about 4 PM we had finally reached the eastern Cascades and began to climb for cooler weather and the majesty of the mountains. Tomorrow's ride should be cooler and more scenic.